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Mondiale is an independent trading and services company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Our core trading business is the purchasing, sales, transportation of energy, metals and agri-commodities. Our core services business is providing services to companies operating in the international commodity sector.

Our Services

Our Services

Whether you are a producer or a consumer of commodities, Mondiale's established network offers a range of global trading opportunities and services to expand your portfolio

  1. International Market

  2. Trading and Distribution

  3. Execution and Operations

  4. Transport


Our Restriction Policy:

“Restricted Destination" means any destination to which supplies are prohibited or restricted by the laws prevailing in the place of origin of the product and/or by The United Nations and/or by The United States Of America and/or any other Authority ot Organizatio having jurisdiction over the Seller or the Buyer and "Restricted Person" means any Person or Entity to whom or to which Supplies are so prohibited or restricted. As a company, we are committed to carrying on business in accordance with the highest ethical standards. This includes complying with all applicable trade sanctions regulations (“Sanctions Laws“) in the countries in which we operate.

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